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About Us

Considerthewldflwrs is a jewelry line handcrafted in Nashville, Tennessee. Each design and collection is uniquely inspired often by travel, natural imperfections + a thirst for discovery.  As designers, our hope is to discover wild beauty through the exploration of craft and to encourage others, with thirsty hearts, to find and cultivate their own craft. We believe that in exploring our creativity through craft and getting lost in art we catch a glimpse of grace. As we continue to grow we hope to share our heart and mission. Wldflwr.ink was created to write + share stories through a variety of mediums. 

25% of each sale from considerthewldflwrs jewelry is given to a [new] non-profit ministry called "Victory of Heart" for young girls in Tyler, Texas. Victory of Heart illustrates restoration and hope as they seek to encourage a generation of young women.